What is Sentiment? It's a feeling or an emotion.

It's an attitude about a subject or service. Sentiment is the building block of communication. We interact with it everyday. From the romantic dinner for two, to family man buying his son's first car, to the million-dollar trades on the markets, sentiment touches everything we do.



Unlock the DNA of sentiment to make business better

What if you could understand what people were trying to say? What if you could predict and forecast how consumers would react to a good or service? What would that mean for your business?

SiteFocus - the future of sentiment analysis

Sentiment isn't just black and white - there are shades of gray. SiteFocus uses a innovative, patent-pending approach to process, translate, and predict true sentiment. Modeled after millions of users, we can revolutionize the way your business interacts with customers by providing quantified sentiment metrics for eCommerce, social media, and virtually any business domain where opinions and sentiment matter.


Why SiteFocus? Because it works

It's not easy being awesome. See SiteFocus in action today with the following demos.

SiteFocus: Coco

Advertising. Big Data. Analytics. Focus groups. For as there have been business, people have tried to understand what customers want. SiteFocus: "Coco" is AJAXO's generalist sentiment analysis engine. Capable of reading inbetween the lines, "Coco" is your personal, on-demand focus group.

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SiteFocus: Intellect I for Financial Markets

A new product release goes sideways. The forecast for frozen orange juice futures falls short. Whether you're long or short or one of the plethora of strategies inbetween, news can influence investor decisions. Intellect I module for financial markets is the world's first on-demand, financial sentiment analyzer. Powered by machine-learning, Intellect I lets investors breeze through news articles, tactically identifying key pieces of information that matter. Get the good, the bad, and everything inbetween.

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Sentiment Analysis with Multi-Factor Gradient Scaling Rendering*

Results of sentiment analysis before and after Federal Reserve Chairwoman Yellen's FOMC conference

Sitefocus Engine Integration

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