INTELLECT-I: Financial Sentiment Analysis

The World's 1st Real-time Analytics Engine - Predicting Movements of Market Indexes based on News Sentiment

What would you do if you could see 20-30 minutes into the future?
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"INTELLECT-I helps you to find the pulse of the stock market. Using the power of Big Data, Machine Learning, and Sentiment Analysis to deliver the world's first SaaS financial sentiment analytics platform." - Connie Chun, President, Ajaxo Inc.

Invest Smarter:
Market sentiment is a result of investors' reaction to news. Sentiment can affect the equilibirum of market forces. Augment your trading strategies and tools with INTELLECT-I.
Invest Faster:
Financial sentiment can create windows of opportunity. INTELLECT-I helps you to see them before they appear.
Invest with Confidence:
A lot of news is published everyday. What will move today's markets? What won't? INTELLECT-I distinguishes the signal from the noise, helping investors confidently ascertain the role news and investor sentiment plays in market movement.

How Does it Work?
Capture financial news in real-time using BIG DATA
Process & aggregate unstructured data using machine learning and predictive analytics
Command & Control
Customize, pivot and plot market sentiment to identify windows of opportunity
What does a trading day look like with INTELLECT-I behind the wheel?
Everything you need to understand sentiment-powered market dynamics
Instant Return on Invetment; a service that pays for itself.
Intellect-I is an analytic platform that delivers real-time market news sentiment analysis, helps you to evaluate and predict the market dynamic 0-30 minutes ahead of the current time
With Intellect-I, you can be your own analyst.
You can customize your dashboard setting to slice and dice the news sentiment analysis chart to identify potential opportunities throughout the trading hours such as:
  • x-axis and y-axis scaling of the chart
  • predictive time period
  • news sentiment time to live
  • charting start and end time
  • trend alert
  • news time to live
  • $ 300 /month
  • Cloud service (software as a service)
  • No software to install
  • Internet connection required
  • Benefit from new feature sets