Running Applications At Scale With Single Board Computers (SBC)

Whether your enterprise system is running “on-prem” or in the “cloud”, applications running with large footprint increase the cost of enterprise IT substantially. What’s the alternative?

A new technology is now available. With the advent of single board computer (SBC), you can downsize your large enterprise application at scale with less resources. Cost saving can be more than 100:1 in most cases without compromising reliability or performance. Why?

  • SBCs consume only a few watts of power, requires no cooling or cooling fans.
  • It comes with giga-byte network interface to enable high-speed data transfer over the network.
  • New SBC has evolved to support enterprise grade deployment with 64bits processor that is critical to the performance of many data crunching application.
  • SBC supports secure LINUX from UBUNTU and CENTOS together with a long list of open sources and languages. These are de-facto operating tools, systems and environment used by the majority enterprise for IT computing.
  • Ajaxo can help you realize multi-million dollars savings by transforming your architecture to take full advantage of many modern distributive framework and databases powered by SBC.

  • Identify strategic applications for migration with highest cost savings;
  • Provide a proposal of implementation;
  • Provide management experience to guide the migration
  • Please Contact Us to learn how we can be of help to scale up your enterprise computing while downsizing your computing cost.