Let Sentiment Analytics be part of your product render

Real-time Sentiment Analytics is a complex process. It requires best practice in data science, ETL, big data analytics, distributive computing platforms, and software development. As much as many business leaders realized that it is a “no brainer” for them to integrate sentiment analytics to their line of business to capture more return on investment of their current product/services, execution is not a simple task. We like to invite these forward thinking enterprises to leverage on our sentiment analytics engine to achieve results sooner than later.

AJAXO is offering professional services to augment enterprise projects with sentiment analytics. By simplifying integration efforts with AJAXO's custom-designed web-services API at the point of interest, the value of sentiment analytics can be subliminally injected into existing products and services to increase sales and productivities. Instead of having to procure a data science team, a big data team, a team of software developers and engineers to conduct research in the building of sentiment analytics, we provide a turn-key service, from design to implementation.