Company Profile

Founded in 1999, Ajaxo stands for “Advanced Java Architecture for Extensible Objects”. Why do we have Java in our name? Ajaxo’s founder worked with Java since Sun MicroSystems released the first public implementation Java 1.0 in 1995, and saw the values – “write once, run anywhere”, object based, portability across different hardware architecture and operating systems. Therefore, it is natural for Ajaxo to select Java as the computer language for all its software design and implementation.

What happens when you marry big data & intelligent software design?
Our experience with massive unstructured data dates back to the early 2000’s. We developed an inference engine to perform semantic analysis on mammoth unstructured data. An example is document analysis for e-discovery. It is one thing to have human eyes to view thousands of boxes of documents; it is another to use semantic analysis to seek out relevant documents.

In 2009, an experiment was conducted to deal with real-time e-commerce semantic analysis. Grocery retailers update their web content frequency during a typical day to promote produce and things with short shelf life. Consumers love the advantage of price comparison products and services in their local community that also benefit their pocketbooks. A grocery search engine was built based on this premise. It enabled retailers to research and gain business intelligence on food prices across the United States and provide consumers the ability to shop for the best grocery deals. These real-time applications were developed using our proprietary real-time storage solution, predating today’s big data open source.

We embrace the Apache big data solution, Hadoop and HBase. The design patterns of our real-time data analytics reference architecture enable us to offer fast and cost effective customized real-time frameworks for businesses, thus, providing them the distinguished advantage of processing real-time data in motion over near-time analytics.

Can enterprise take advantage of SBC?
With the advent of single board computer(SBC), large enterprise application can be downsized at scale with less resources. Leveraging on our experience in designing commerical applications with small footprint, we provide professional service to help enterprises to realize huge savings by transformng their architecture to take full advantage of distributive network and databases powered by SBC.